Monday, February 8, 2010

Finally, some quilting time!

My youngest child, a girl we've nicknamed "Starbuck," is taking a nap today. Her slightly older sister, "Princess," is watching Sleeping Beauty, and I have been working in my quilt loft this afternoon.

Unfortunately, I didn't eat breakfast or lunch today, so I had to take a break to eat. My lunch is in the microwave, so I thought I'd write a quick blog post while it's cooking.

Yesterday was Princess' birthday, so I didn't spend a lot of time at home. We all went out to lunch, then I took our little girl to the mall to pick out her presents. She wanted new clothes for her pink Build-A-Bear monkey (which was her present last year), and she had a grand time shopping for outfits in the store. She picked out an Olympic hoodie, a birthday t-shirt, two denim skirts, a pretty pink dress, and a set of pink pajamas. She probably has the best-dressed monkey in the state now, but she is extremely HAPPY!

Knit Picks is having a sale on books until February 22nd, and I plan to buy a few new books for myself. One of them features knitted items for Build-A-Bear toys, and since we seem to own enough of those stuffed animals to open our own store, that would be a fun book to add to my collection.

Lunch is ready, and I'm facing some deadlines in the quilting loft, so I'm heading back to real life. Have a good day!

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Conny said...

Hi Roxanne,
thanks for your help with the translation by the socks.
I think it was you, which asked Angelika.
greets from germany